Miracle closes tomorrow! and the last week-ish has been filled with a mixed bag of emotions about it.  Though it is odd to bust onstage singing "Get ready for Christmas" on December 30th (or January 2nd), still the fact remains that it is a show, a job, a chance to get up and do what I do.  Won't miss: the commute; the set changes; the fear of getting stuck in the revolving door.  Will miss: the cast; "Barbara" (my favorite wig); the chance to learn by getting up and doing, and then getting up and doing it again. It has been so. nice. to wake up most mornings and know I will perform that day... to wake up many mornings and know that I am *only* responsible for performing that day.  As amazing as my day job is (and it is!) -- it is a means to an end, and I can feel my insides dragging their proverbial heels at the thought of going back to all-day desktime.

And such is the life of the actor.  I've been musing throughout the past few days that if I can't find the peace and balance in this rollercoaster ride, then I'd better find myself a new profession.  But I know that the old will unfold into the new, as ever, and no doubt I'll soon be crowing about some new bit of excitingness that has popped up.  In the meantime, there are three shows left to enjoy, and all the other things, friends, to-do list items that have fallen by the wayside during the run (ie: sweep floor) can be brought back into the fold.  Even just the writing of this post has been therapeutic; and the balance starts to tip even more to the side of happy.

And so, since I love little more than to veg to Aaron Sorkin's brilliant West Wing... in the words of Jed Bartlett... what's next?