This month I am eliminating the word "should" from my vocabulary. I have started to notice that things I should do rarely get done, while things I want to do, could do, might do, can do, or will do, generally... do. Like writing for this blog. I have about five drafts started of posts I should want to write, but just never quite get around to publishing.

The thing is, most of the things I think I "should" do, especially when it comes to my career, are actually things I want to do! Like practice every day, write regularly, keep in touch with people in the industry. I genuinely enjoy doing all of this, but as soon as that nasty SH*&% creeps in, it turns into chores and procrastination and I can feel my energy dig in its proverbial heels. Wouldn't you rather just make some popcorn and watch a little West Wing? it asks. I could show you some lovely things on YouTube, or perhaps you might like a little Facebook instead?

No more! No more I say. I think I'd like to do something productive, that doesn't come with procrastination remorse, instead.  (And then watch West Wing later.)