After some technical difficulties earlier this week, on the actual summer solstice, we're back in business. So Happy Belated Solstice! Monday morning, I got up earrrrrrrly to celebrate the longest day of the year with some yoga in Times Square. As much as I loathe Times Square (with the fire of 1000 suns) and do my best to avoid it in my day to day life, I must admit that the sensation of lying in Savasana with the subway rumbling below me and the skyscrapers soaring above me (and the jackhammer rattling behind me) was, well, pretty cool.

Balancing and reaching up to the ceiling is one thing, but when that ceiling is the infinite sky, perspective goes out the window. Suddenly it seemed a precarious balance, all five feet five inches of me on two skinny legs. I felt myself wobble.

You are supported, the teacher reminded us. The ground is beneath you, supporting you. Trust that. We can extend because we are established.

I deepened my breath, planted my feet more firmly into the ground, and felt my stance solidify. We can extend because we are established. We can reach higher if we are grounded; we can stretch ourselves when we have built a solid foundation out of which to grow. The sun started to peek over the buildings and light up our faces.

All the days I sing my scales, vocalize and build that myelin around my healthy singing habits, I am laying the groundwork for the stretch, release, and LEAP that lies ahead.

All the days on the ground are what enable me to fly.