Today it was all I could do to just show up. The snooze button, my worst enemy, had me in its vice grip and my half-awake brain churned out rationalizations and guilty thoughts like oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, that toxic. Even when I recognize Resistance so clearly, there are times I feel powerless to defeat it. (Now you know why I needed that War of Art book!) So I started small. I may not have gone to the two auditions I was planning on. But it was only 9 AM; all was not lost. I cleaned my house, sweating in the 80-degree humidity (that counts as exercise, right?) and ended up clearing my brain as well.

I had planned, by this point, to warm up and sing some songs from the album, write about it and call it a day. But the little voice told me to get my butt to one of those auditions anyway. So I did. And got a compliment, and a callback.

Just by showing up.