Actors often wonder how often we should be keeping in touch with people in the industry - casting directors, agents (if we are unsigned), those we would like to work with someday. Do we send updates all the time, just to keep our names in front of them? The best answer I've heard to this question - and the most sensible, really - is to be in touch when you have something to say. I'm not one to give up or run away from a challenge. But I do try to re-assess situations as I live through them and see the new lay of the land. And while I love sharing my process and my musings and my points of view on the artistic life, there are days when (gasp) even I don't have something brilliant to say. The last thing the internet needs is more arbitrary content.

So, I'm not going anywhere. I'm still singing my face off and auditioning and reading and pulling this album together, and there's a lot of exciting stuff ahead in that regard... I just can't tell you about it yet!

You'll be hearing from me, when I have something to say.

P.S. Got something you'd like to hear (more [or less] of)? Leave a comment!