It's a triptych for Day 3! (Almost.)

First weekend down. I love the way every show is different -- the crazy goofs that happen with lines and accidental head-butts and sudden southern drawls that character never had before -- but how much the differences also depend on the audience and the energy they bring to the room. The subtle ways an actor learns to gauge the laughs and the bits and how different audiences react to the same moments. On opening night the audience gasped audibly at the surprises; one lady ran a running commentary about events as they happened, as well as a few forecasts of things yet to come. The next night's crowd was almost inevitably more subdued, but it's dangerous to judge that as lack of enjoyment. Every group brings something different to the table, whether it be loud laughers or otherwise, and isn't that why we go to the theater? To truly be a part of the experience, because it's really never the same show twice.