20110611-094139.jpg Last night we had a post-show talkback. I will say that some of my most memorable talkback experiences were on my children's tour, where questions ranged from "Are you guys dating?" (Long Island) to "Y'all man and wife?" (West Virginia). So the bar wasn't set too high, but still I was happily surprised by the discussion last night. From a board member noting how everyone can relate to a piece of the play, whether they talk about it or not - to a professed non-theatergoer wondering how this place ended up in Greene - without realizing it, we started touching on some of the big questions we ask as artists (why this play, why this play now, for whom?). This morning after breakfast in town I was stopped on the street by the local salon owner, who saw me through the window and ran out to say hi. "Don't I know you from being onstage?" he said, and we laughed as he recalled how much he had enjoyed the Rhonda scene.

Local celebrity notwithstanding, I am reminded what I did love about that children's tour, why it's so good to do theater in places that aren't saturated with it. This play just speaks to the heart, and the guilelessness of an audience full of people who don't see live theater every week can be refreshing, welcoming, real.

Someone asked last night if the show changes from night to night, and I replied that -- at the risk of being saccharine, and I know it's probably too late already! -- yes, it does -- not least because of you.