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Marry Me... a Little


Marry Me... a Little

Marry Me... a Little: a wedding/anxiety cabaret

“On my friend Jean’s wedding day over thirty years ago, she asked her mother, ‘Do all brides feel this terrified when they’re about to get married?’ and her mother replied, even as she calmly buttoned up her daughter’s white dress, ‘No, dear. Only the ones who are actually thinking.’”

- Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed

If I Told You Now (Jason Robert Brown) - live at the Triad Theatre, NYC

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For anyone who's ever had an unconventional thought about relationships and the nature of marriage... Come explore the rollercoaster journey from "I love you" to "I do"! We join the bride-to-be as she sings the bliss, beauty, wonder… terror, resistance and panic of loving and being loved, with music ranging from Kurt Weill through Stephen Sondheim to contemporary theater and pop. Skewering the mainstream culture’s notions of “bridezilla” and the pressure to be unwaveringly excited for the “best day of your life,” Katie tells it like it is in this edgy, open-hearted, honest look at love, weddings, and all the messiness in between.

Starring Katie Zaffrann

Directed by Chris Clavelli

Music Direction by Vince Peterson

Produced by Jonathan Pillot



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a musical short film

about living life to the fullest...

au naturel


a musical short film

about living life to the fullest...

au naturel

NAKED: a musical short film


Best Musical Short: Manhattan Film Festival, Chain NYC Film Festival

Best Song: Parma Int'l Music Film Festival

Best Original Song: Long Island Int'l Film Expo


Best  Comedy: Snake Alley Festival of Film

official selection

Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival
Northampton Int'l Film Festival
New Filmmakers New York
Great Lakes Int'l Film Festival
Cine-World Film Festival
Rumschpringe Int'l Short FF
Let's All Be Free Film Festival (London)
Catskill Mountains Film Festival
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (Barcelona)


based on Mike Pettry's "Without a Stitch On" - soundtrack available on iTunes

directed by Sean Robinson written by VP Boyle produced by Becky Froman, VP Boyle & Katie Zaffrann

director of photography Pierro Basso, AIC production design by Mehgan Janel costume design by Abbey Cook original music by Mike Pettry arranged, conducted & produced by Gates Thomas

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