"The light-on-her-feet Katie Zaffrann... effortlessly glided through the almost interpretative-style dances... [and] had me on the edge of my seat with her intense rendition of 'Holly and Hubby.'” 

          - DC Metro Theater Arts

"Most moving is a portrait of advanced age, in which a woman is bidding a fond farewell to her body and the declining life that comes with it."

      - The Philadelphia Inquirer


November 9-13, 2016

World premiere production of IN MY BODY at the Prince Theatre, Philadelphia.

An exploration of truths, COVERING and UNCOVERING gender identity, infertility, bullying, pride, aging, obesity, trauma, self-loathing, disability, passion, sexuality, love and so much more... CHALLENGING ALL OF US to embrace who we are and open our hearts to others. 

more information available here

"Powerfully acted... Cape May Stage at its best." 

                - Exit Zero

September 14 - October 14, 2016

Emily in Ayad Akhtar's DISGRACED, winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, at Cape May Stage.

A bold exploration of grace, culture, and what it means to be Muslim in post 9-11 America.

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with Marc Geller